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Here you can find detailed information about all the oral surgery procedures, which are free of pain at our clinic.

How can you find out if you need surgical treatment or how can you get reassurance and professional answers to your questions?

Oral surgical treatments are indispensable parts of a sequence of complex procedures. These treatments are necessary to save the teeth or insert dental implants to replace missing teeth. 

There are three essential parts of a successful implantation:

  1. Prepared and experienced surgeon who can self-consciously control unexpected situations. Our experienced professionals are trained in international environment.
  2. Properly equipped oral surgery premises in order to supply every means for a successful treatment. Saint Lucas SPA Dental clinic is purposely equipped to meet two highly skilled and experienced surgeons' needs and to serve their quality performance.
  3. High standard of sterilization needs to be provided for safety purposes and to avoid infectious problems. Saint Lucas SPA Dental clinic has recently passed the strictest supervision of authorization process of the Europe Union that guarantees maximum sterility in compliance with the rules and safety standards.

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What problems can be solved with oral surgery?

Despite its frightening name oral surgery is very useful in many different cases. Procedures of this category are indispensable to regain healthy bite functions and that make us possible to live a quality life.

Surgical removal of teeth with complex problems

When around the roots of an infected tooth significant bone destruction is observed and even the root canal treatment does not offer long-lasting solution, the surgical removal of the tooth is inevitable. The removal of teeth and their roots are considered routine dental procedures. So despite the complexity of the case, it is still considered a low-risk intervention.

Bone reconstruction for implantation

Today dental implantation is the best available way to replace missing teeth. In certain anatomical circumstances implantation is not a real option. Insufficient volume of native bone may well be an example of ineligibility.

What long-term negative health consequences occur if you do not have missing teeth replaced for a long time?

From feedbacks of our patients we know that many people believe that replacing missing tooth is only a matter of aesthetics. From a purely professional point of view this is untrue. In fact, we consider anatomical aspects first and foremost when making suggestion for implant treatment. Aesthetics are equally important thus we put great emphasize on them, too. The difference is that while aesthetics are well-known and noticeable, anatomical concerns are hardly prominent and their consequences often remain hidden.

Removal of tooth roots to prevent the development of and to eliminate cysts

It often occurs during the extraction of teeth that a part of the root remains in the bone. This may function as a source of infection in the future.

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