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Here you can find detailed information about all the oral surgery procedures, which are free of pain at our clinic.

How can your root canal treatment be pain-free?

Root canal treatment is a procedure to save your natural teeth and to prevent them from the threats of extractions. It is done when the root canal of a tooth is in acute infection. Deep caries can easily result in the death of the pulp cavity. In this case the poisonous particles of the bacteria can reach the pulp cavity causing inflammation. To stop this condition root canal treatment is performed aiming to save the tooth and restore its functions.

Despite its bad reputation root canal treatment must not be painful. At Saint Lucas SPA dental clinic our specialists lay extra emphasise on the use of endodontic techniques that will provide maximum protection to your teeth and which can provide you with a painless root canal treatment.

One of our solutions is to use medication to reduce pain caused by an infected root prior to the actual root canal treatment.

Another gentle process is to use a special anaesthetic, which provides significantly greater pain relief compared to conventional methods.

The third way is to seal the treated tooth few times with antiseptic medicine in the attempt to optimize the course of recovery. The permanent filling of the root is carried out only after we are confident it is free of bacterium.

At Saint Lucas SPA dental clinic we not only provide you with endodontic methods that save your teeth but be assured that our techniques based on decades of experience will be the gentlest available for you.

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What do you have to do if you want an experienced endodontist to save your teeth?

Root canal treatment falls into restorative dentistry and as such it gives a chance to save our teeth so they regain their original function and can serve us for a long time. Endodontic techniques on the other hand are not always successful. Thorough grounding and dedication is needed to ensure the success of such treatment, and to make it a lasting solution for you.

In what situations do you need endodontic treatments?

There are the symptoms that obviously tell us you need root canal treatment for a durable resolution of your problem.

How is the root canal treatment in our clinic performed?

Painless root canal treatment at Saint Lucas SPA dental clinic has 8 steps...

What is put on to the implant and how is it made to look so natural?

What makes implantation special among other things is that the screws are hidden by the gum after the surgery yet this stable artificial root provides support later for the aesthetic, natural-looking crown. This is the most prominent part of all.

Surgical solutions to wisdom teeth-related dental problems

Wisdom teeth often cause uncomfortable days. This is related to the fact that the molar teeth far back have no room in the jaw bone to grow. This very often leads to improper growing directions. As a result teeth may not or only partially erupt and find their way out of the gum. Proper cleaning of such teeth is not possible without compromises. We could end up with impacted and infected wisdom teeth that cause serious pain and inconvenient dental issues.

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