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Here you can find detailed information about all the oral surgery procedures, which are free of pain at our clinic.

The orthodontic therapy during the exchange for permanent teeth in childhood

Children turn 5-6 years old when it is time for the replacement of the baby teeth. The result of this natural process is the arrival of permanent molars. The front teeth got their replacement shortly after: first come the lower incisors, then the uppers arrive, later the lateral incisors got the position.

As responsible parents we need to pay extra attention over this period because many of the potential problems can be prevented here:

  • biting disorder could cause periodontal diseases
  • crowded teeth can also result is periodontal diseases
  • irregular development of teeth may cause malfunction of jaw joint
  • certain disorders in relation to the exchanging of teeth may result in speech disorder

In order to prevent any of these problems we perform childhood orthodontic treatments that aim to support the above process and the harmonious growth of jaws. There are many alternative devices used for children’s orthodontic therapies. Different removable and non-removable high-quality devices can be offered. In fact invisible and aesthetic systems or even the latest soft-power devices are also available for the youngsters. So there’s no need to wait until the permanent teeth take their position for the successful resolution of aesthetic and functional disorders.

As caring parents we have to make sure our kids will have an initial orthodontic screening with a specialist prior to the exchanging process or when it is completed. This is to prevent the development of future disorders together.

The consultation is free and bears no discomfort or pain for your child.

Dr. Péter Márton Steinhof, a specialist with 9 years’ experience in the field of orthodontic techniques for teeth exchange will carry out the consultation. For a completely free consultation call us on the +36 1 790 3282 and request an appointment.
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As a young adult when should I turn to an orthodontic specialist?

The answer to this question is very simple: when you are in need for this. There is of course a more technical definition because the goal for this group of age is to support the healthy and smooth development of permanent teeth and preserve the soundness of these teeth.

How to resolve jaw joint problems by using orthodontics

Typical symptoms of joint-related problems you can easily notice yourself...

The successful correction of a narrow, thin smile line with braces

Narrow, thin smile when the side teeth are often remain in shadow is a phenomenon that is an aesthetics as well as anatomic issue. It may emerge in childhood but often arise in adult ages. Behind this phenomenon is the bottleneck of upper jaw but its formation may be affected by the appearance of permanent teeth.

As an adult when should I turn to an orthodontist?

The world has changed a lot in the last decade regarding orthodontic treatments in adult age. Firstly because of the new techniques that came into light and finally took the special anatomic attributes of the adult into consideration thus applying the appropriate technique for the treatments. Secondly the perception of our environment about adults wearing braces has also changed significantly. Their braces are no longer a sign of immaturity but more of a health-conscious person of high personal standards and demanding environment.

The solution of deep overbite with orthodontic treatments

We are referring to deep overbite when the vertical overlap of the teeth occurs. The lower front teeth bite too far up behind the upper front teeth into palate. The distance between the upper and lower arch is more than 1-1,5 mm. This phenomenon can easily be examined by you when looking in the mirror. There are different volumes of deep bite, but the bigger the distance the more serious the problem. So we need to look for solutions and the reasons are more anatomical than aesthetic.

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