What makes our guarantee policy reassuring. Dentists working for Saint Lucas SPA dental clinic take full responsibility for the quality of their work.

Why does Saint Lucas SPA dental mean comfort and calmness to you?

Why does Saint Lucas SPA dental mean comfort and calmness to you? Visit our newly built clinic and sure you will see something quite extraordinary from a dental clinic.

Miért fontos számunkra, hogy fogászati kezeléseink ára értékarányos és megfizethető legyen?

Why is it important for us to make our prices affordable and worthwhile?

What do you have to do if you want to see the options an orthodontic treatment can offer to you and your children?

If you have made up your mind and turn to a specialist – that’s a good sign, and the harder part is done: you have convinced yourself. From then on it’s only a series of tasks you do step by step. A paved road you only have to walk through.

What kind of dental problems can be aesthetically and permanently resolved by orthodontic treatments in childhood and adult age?

The majority of patients considering orthodontic treatments come to Saint Lucas SPA dental clinic to solve aesthetic issues. But you need to know that orthodontic procedures have an important role in restoring masticatory functions, too. Owing to orthodontic therapies you will have harmonious and aesthetic smile as well as healthy chewing functions that will help you avoid dental problems in the future.